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Date: 15th June 2016
Aircraft Refueler For Sale
?This aircraft refueller is designed for fuelling all types of turbine-powered aircrafts?The fuelling equipment includes all the necessary facilities and components to fuel aircrafts safely and efficiently.?The fuelling equipment is mounted on a module base,Website:http://www.maxmach-truck.com, which is easily removed from the rigid chassis and adaptable on any kind of similar chassis without the need of cutting or welding.?The general design of the vehicle allows the operations to be completed easily and safely by one operator.?The general design concept is simple for an easy maintenance and a use on flat airport fields at maximum 50 km/h.?Feature for ?refueller tank truck??All components located in manner to provide the simplest possible pipe-work assembly allowing an easy access for removal, operation and maintenance?Water separator filter manufactured to meet the API 1581 Fifth edition standard.?Advanced electrical controlled or manual operated refuelling system.?An intrinsically safe electro-pneumatic "deadman" control handle installed and act upon the secondary pressure control valve to interrupt flow.?Advanced fuel tank design to ensure deposited water and impurity discharging.?Piping system scientific designed to reduce fuel circuit resistance and static.?Safety for refueller tank truck??A safety Interlock system is incorporated to apply the vehicle parking brake slowly to prevent abnormal motion.?Deadman must be activated during refuelling to ensure operator on site.?Deadman surpass available in case of deadman handle malfunction during refueling.?Emergency evacuation switch for driving refueller away from aircrafts.?Emergency stop button for shut down engine and refuelling once emergency?Norms and standards for refueller tank truck??ISO 1825-1996 Rubber hose and hose fittings specification for aircraft refuelling and defuelling? IATA AHM910 General Requirement for aircraft ground support equipment? API 1529-82 Standards for Jet Fuel Quality Control at Airports ? Aviation Fueling Hose? API 1581-82 Specification and assessment procedure for aviation jet fuel separator? NFPA 407 Aircraft Fuel Servicing? IP Model Code of Safe Practice, part 7, Airports? CEN (EN 12312-5 draft) Standard for Aircraft and Hydrant Pit Servicing Vehicles.? Joint Guidelines Issue 11?SAE ARP1247B General Requirements for Aerospace Ground Support Equipment? SAE ARP1375 Minimum Safety Requirements for Special Purpose Airline?ATA 103 Ground Support Equipment?BS 3158-85 Rubber hose and hose assembly for aircraft refuelling and defueling
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