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Date: 14th May 2016
Sinotruck Chassis Concrete Mixer Truck
sinotruck chassis concrete mixer truck?Its chassis could be selected among the famous brands of Europe,Website:http://www.maxmach-truck.com, Japan and China to meet different needs. And the chassis to be selected is of great power and is good in performance. So it is widely adopted by the drivers home and abroad. Moreover the pump, motor, decelerator and cooling system also adopt the products of famous brand home and abroad, to ensure steady performance and duration.Technical parameter of?sinotruck chassis concrete mixer trucktype chassis manufacturer dimension(lengthXwidthXheight) kerb weightpayload model of engine?kw?HZZ5310GJBSD ZZ1313N3261C1 SINOTRUCK 10610?2500?3980 15870/15000 WD615.95/247WD615.95E/247WD615.96/276WD615.96E/276the whole function and parametermixing volume 8/9/10?m3? mixer parameter geometric volume 14.6/15.1/16.2?m3?hydraulic ?system pump type A4VTG90German Rexroth padding rate 63?%? DISP max 42MPa/90ml/rev charging speed ?3?m3/ min? type ARK PV89MH20 Italy discharging speed ?2?m3/ min? motor type AA2FM80German Rexroth residual rate <1?%? DISP max 42MPa/80ml/rev speed of agitator 0~12?r/min? type ARK MF89V20 Italy gradient 13?15??? decelerator type PMP ?PMB6SP/7SP Italy min.ground clearance 70?260mm ratio I 99.9?121.6?reduction ratio I material of tank-body B520JJ,high strength wearable steel type TOPUNION ?P68/58 Italy material of spiry blade B520JJ,high strength wearable steel ratio I 100 reduction ratio I water supply system the way of water supply compressed air cooler type/tank volume AKG/25Lgerman or China ?L?water tank volume 350
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